At Dowding Industries we have two dedicated facilities to meet your stamping and sheet metal fabrication needs.

Our stamping plant has over 80,000 square feet of manufacturing space. We can stamp up to 1” thick material and can coil feed up to ½ inch thick. In addition to our stamping capabilities we provide wash, deburr, spot welding, assembly, and packaging. Our fabrication shop also has over 80,000 square feet of manufacturing space for laser cutting, washing, deburring, machining, prototype development, welding, and assembly.

Large Progressive Die Stamping

With presses ranging from 105 tons up to 1000 tons and bed sizes up to 72" X 108" with the ability to coil feed up to 1/2" thick mild steel, Dowding has the capabilities to handle jobs of all sizes.

Short/Medium Run Stamping

Dowding has the flexibility to produce prototype, short run and medium run stampings through a variety of processes including but not limited to progressive die stamping.


Dowding's laser cutting machines canter includes six 3-Axis laser cutting machines.  With bed sizes up to 72" X 144" and cutting speeds up to 70 inches per minute and the ability to cut up to 1" thick cold rolled steel and 1/2: aluminum plate, Dowding can handle all of your laser cutting needs.


Dowding can meet a wide range of cutting needs from one off custom parts to one time runs and service parts and production.  This service  can be a cost-effective way to mitigating the need for large material and tooling investments on small scale service orders.

Design & Development Tools

Dowding has a full-service development department with a wide array of software tools to assist in producing your perfect part.  These platforms include Pro-E, MasterCam, Gibbs, AutoCAD, Catia, SolidWorks and Unigraphs.

Part Finishing

With a variety of part tumblers, shot blast machines and part washers, Dowding has the right part finishing techniques to suite every need.

Material Handling

With overhead crane capacities up to 40 tons, Dowding has all the right equipment to safely handle all of your raw materials and finished products while in-house.


Dowding features a diverse mix of 18 vertical machining centers that are capable of accommodating bed sizes up to 65" X 35."  We utilize state of the art Fadal and Fives machining centers to provide the very best quality, every time.


Dowding offers services to support your value-added needs with a torque screw machine and a variety of spot, robotic and manual weld centers.  Dowding provides services ranging from simple fastener insertion all the way up to providing complete assembly fabrication.  We can manage both the build and assembly, or use customer supplied components.

Robotic welding

Dowding has several state of the art Lincoln and Motoman robotic weld centers which increase efficiency and accuracy while reducing error, providing significant added value to our customers. 


Dowding Industries can accommodate all of your fabrication needs with up to 143-ton press brakes, custom laser cutting, precision straightening, hand and robotic welding, and precision double disk grinding.